One Million Pounds, 30 August 1948, D 000007, on Bank of England watermarked paper, P...

Hammer Price: £56,000


Banknote collecting is a dynamic and relatively new field and our specialist department has been at the forefront of its expansion for over 25 years. Our superbly researched and illustrated online and printed catalogues set the gold standard for banknote auctions globally.

Our position as a world-leading banknote auctioneer is demonstrated by our sale of the £5 serial number 3, the single finest post war Bank of England note, and our experts discovery and subsequent auction of the 1860 $5, the earliest known fully issued Hong Kong banknote. As a team, the department’s highly respected specialists have a wealth of experience — knowledge they’re more than happy to share with our international community of banknote sellers and buyers.

24 & 25 August 2022


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24 November 2022


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26 & 27 May 2022


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24 February 2022

British, Irish and World Banknotes

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25 November 2021

British, Irish and World Banknotes

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Thomasina Smith

Head of Numismatics

Andrew Pattison

Head of Banknote Department

Barnaby Faull

Senior Banknote Specialist

Michael O’Grady

Senior Banknote Specialist

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Steadily, over the years, we've brought together an international community of people who share our particular passion. As recognised experts, with a vast store of freely available in-house knowledge and experience, we've earned the trust of buyers across the globe.

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Not surprisingly, our position as a trusted authority, with deep global reach, often leads to the achievement of higher than expected prices at auction.

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