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Search Tips

Keyword Search Tips

When entering keywords you can use the following techniques:

  • Searches are not case sensitive so 'Somme' may be entered thus: 'somme'
  • When entering search requests for abbreviations such as D.S.O. or R.B. always include punctuation and enclose in quotes thus: "d.s.o."
  • Enclose phrases in quotes to avoid finding every instance of each word; so for Rifle Brigade type: "rifle brigade"
  • You may refine your search by entering multiple criteria; so for Smith of the Rifle Brigade type: smith "rifle brigade"

Description Footnotes

A footnote is a note of text placed beneath the lot description which comments upon the items in the lot and/or the recipient/owner.

Including Footnotes when conducting a search will widen the search as they often contain large amounts of data.

Free Valuations

As one of the world’s leading numismatic auction houses, we can offer a wealth of experience in the valuation of this field including:

  • Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria
  • coins from Britain and across the World, Ancient Greek and Roman, Medieval and Islamic
  • Artefacts and Antiquities
  • Banknotes
  • Tokens, Tickets and Passes
  • Historical and Art Medals
Our free auction valuation service provides you with an easy and convenient way to take advantage of our many years of expertise in all these areas. The valuation will provide you with an estimate that our experts believe an item could make at auction, based on our knowledge of past, and current market trends and prices achieved for similar objects.

Insurance and probate valuations are also available on request, but there may be a charge for these services.

Consigning To Us

Consigning to us couldn’t be easier and can be very much tailored to your needs and requirements. Just contact one of our experts and we can talk you through what’s best for you.


Our traditional sales take place quarterly in London, with specialised and single-vendor collections in addition to the regular programme. Our renowned printed catalogues present the widest range of material making these record-breaking auctions the finest in the UK market. If you are a buyer you may bid in person, bid live over the internet or leave commission bids for us to execute on your behalf.

Since 1991 we have staged over 250 auctions featuring all types of coins, tokens, medals, militaria and paper money.

Live auctions of coins, orders, decorations and medals take place every quarter, or sometimes at more frequent intervals, often coinciding with the major London numismatic shows, such as COINEX or the annual OMRS convention. Specialist auctions of trade tokens, commemorative medals, militaria and paper money take place at other times of the year.

Catalogue Previews

Preview copies of auction catalogues enable you to preview lots and add them to your cabinet as they are catalogued by our experts.

As with our published catalogues, you can save any lots you are interested in to your cabinet.

Please note that these catalogues are a work-in-progress and as such lot details are subject to change. As a result with this we do not accept bids for draft catalogues.

Published Catalogues

Our printed, colour catalogues are published three weeks prior to each sale.

A fully illustrated version of the auction catalogue is also available on our website where customers can browse and search the lots on offer with the advantage of enlargeable, high quality digital images.

Catalogue Purchases
Customers can purchase catalogues by selecting ‘Buy Printed Catalogue’ on the auction information page.


Items listed in our auction catalogues are available to view at our offices in the three weeks prior to sale by appointment only.

Public viewing is available in the days prior to each sale. Details on viewing times are available under auction information.

The Auction Venue

The majority of our auctions take place at our offices in the heart of Mayfair, London. Occasionally we hold auctions at the Washington Mayfair Hotel which is two minute walk from our offices.

The venue for each auction is clearly displayed on the auction’s Information page on our website and in the printed catalogue.


The nearest Underground station for both venues is Green Park which is located on the Jubillee, Piccadilly and Victoria Lines, with direct links to Euston, King’s Cross, Victoria (for Gatwick Airport) and Waterloo stations. It is also a 40-minute direct journey from Heathrow Airport.

Numerous buses stop at Green Park station. There is unrestricted meter parking in Curzon Street and other nearby streets.

Saleroom Notices

We make every effort to ensure that lot information printed in our catalogues and made available online is correct. Occasionally, information may come to light after a catalogue is published which may affect the description, footnote, estimate or availability of a lot. In this case a saleroom notice is published detailing the correction.

Any saleroom notices pertaining to an auction are made available on our website as soon as we are made aware of them.

For those attending the auction, printed copies of any saleroom notices are available from the registration desk.

Prices Realised

Hammer prices are available on our website in real time.

A full list of prices realised can be viewed and printed along with sale statistics using our website once the auction has finished. Telephone enquiries are welcome from 09:00 the day following the auction.

Bid Increments

Our bid increments are as follows:

£0 to £100 - £5 increments
£100 to £200 - £10 increments
£200 to £500 - £20 increments
£500 to £1,000 - £50 increments
£1,000 to £2,000 - £100 increments
£2,000 to £5,000 - £200 increments
£5,000 to £10,000 - £500 increments
£10,000 to £20,000 - £1,000 increments
£20,000 to £50,000 - £2,000 increments
£50,000 to £100,000 - £5,000 increments
£100,000 to £200,000 - £10,000 increments
£200,000 to £500,000 - £20,000 increments
£500,000 onwards - £50,000 increments

Bids of unusual amounts will be rounded down to the bid step below and will not take precedence over a similar bid.

Bidding in Advance

We are pleased to accept bids by several methods:

1. Using our website
Once a catalogue has been published, registered customers can place bids using our website (login required).

2. By email
You can submit your bids by email to Please see note below.

3. By telephone
Bids can be left by telephone by contacting our main switchboard (+44 (0) 20 7016 1700) before 18:00 on the day prior to the auction.

4. By fax
Bids can also be faxed to +44 (0) 7016 1799 before 18:00 on the day prior to the auction. Please see note below.

Submitting Bids by Email or Fax

Please note if emailing or faxing your bids you must clearly state your name, client code and the lot numbers and corresponding bids. We recommend that you request confirmation that your bids have been received before the start of the auction.

‘+1’ Option On Advance Autobids

In the event that the bidding is against you when your Advance Autobid reaches the maximum, bids with the +1 option enabled will increase your bid to the next increment.

Your Cabinet

Your Cabinet displays items that you are interested in along with bids you have placed.

Saving Items to Your Cabinet
When browsing a catalogue on our website you can save items to your cabinet by clicking ‘Save to Cabinet’. You will see a confirmation message that the item has been saved. Lots which you have placed bids are automatically added to Your Cabinet.

Editing Bids
Your Cabinet allows you to have complete control over your bids. If you would like to increase or decrease your advance bid on a lot, simply click ‘Edit Bid’ next to the appropriate lot and enter the new bid amount in the form that appears.

Removing Items from Your Cabinet
To remove items from your cabinet, simply click the ‘Remove’ button next to the corresponding lot on the ‘Your Cabinet’ page.

Your Cabinet can be accessed from any page on the Noonans website by clicking ‘Your Cabinet’ in the ‘Auctions’ menu.

Reviewing Your Bids

You can review and edit any advance bids you have placed simply by viewing ‘Your Cabinet’. You can find out more about the Cabinet facility by clicking ‘About Your Cabinet’ under Useful Links.

Bidding on the Day

There are three ways to bid on our Auctions on the day of the sale:

1. Attend the Auction
The location of each auction is clearly displayed on our website along with the date and time the auction will start.

If you wish to bid you will need to register with us at the registration desk where you will be issued with a paddle displaying your bidding number.

2. Bid Live Online
All of our auctions are available to bid on over the Internet. After you have logged into our website click the ‘Bid Live’ link under the corresponding auction and you will be passed through to our live bidding facility.

3. Telephone Bidding
Customers can arrange, by appointment, to bid on lots by telephone. When the specified lots are coming up, a member of staff will contact you by telephone to relay what is happening in the auction room and bid on your behalf.

Telephone bidding is subject to availability. For guidance, telephone bidding is generally only available on lots estimated at over £1000. Telephone bids should be received by us no later than 16:00 on the day before the auction starts.

Paying for your Lots

If you are successful at one of our sales there are multiple ways you can pay for your lots:

1. Using our website:
Navigate to ‘Your Account’ > ‘Invoices’ using the main menu on our website (there is also a link under Useful Links to the side of this article). Select which invoice you would like to pay from the dropdown list. At the bottom of the invoice is a form which allows you to pay your invoice.

2. In person:
If you would prefer to pay in person you can visit our offices during normal working hours. You can collect your lots at the same time or we can post them to you.

Shipping Methods

If you are successful in purchasing lot/s being auctioned by us and opt for the item/s to be sent to you, we will use the following methods of shipment:

Within the UK
Shipments weighing less than 2KG will be despatched using Royal Mail Special Delivery. This service provides parcel tracking (via the Royal Mail website) and next weekday delivery (betwen 9am and 1pm). Shipments weighing more than 2KG will be despatched using FedEx. Shipments sent using FedEx are delivered next weekday and can be tracked using the FedEx website.

Items delivered within the UK are covered by our insurance company. Heavy and bulky lots will be sent by courier, in discussion with the client.

Outside of the UK
If the item/s being sent are worth under £1000 in total they are sent using Royal Mail’s Signed For International service. This ensures the item must be signed for when it is delivered.

If the item/s being sent are valued at over £1000 in total they will be sent using FedEx. This service allows next day delivery to customers in many parts of the US and parcels are fully trackable using the FedEx website.

Logging in to our Website

Logging in to our website allows you to place advance bids on lots in our forthcoming auctions, check your account balance, check and renew your catalogue subscriptions, view your buying and selling results for all of our previous sales as well as a whole host of other features.

In order to log in you will need your email address and password.

1. Enter your email address into the field labelled ‘Email Address’. This is not case-sensitive so it does not matter whether you use upper or lower case.
2. Enter your password into the field labelled ‘Password’. By default your password is your Client Code. This can be changed once you have logged in. Click ‘Your Client Code’ under Useful Links for more information about your client code.

If you continue to have problems logging in, please contact our technical support team (Help & Information > Technical Support in the menu) who will be able to assist you further.

Your Client Code

Your client code is the unique reference we have for you and should be quoted in all correspondence with us.

Your client code is a number between 3 and 6 digits long.

Examples of Client Codes:

Invalid: 4921 JONE
Valid: 4921

Invalid: W12345 JONE
Valid: 12345

Invalid: W56789
Valid: 56789

Account Passwords

Your Noonans password is used to ensure your account is kept secure. You will need to enter your password when logging in to our website and when placing bids.

Unless it is set at registration, your password, by default, is your client code but it can easily be changed once you are logged in by following the steps in the ‘Changing Your Password’ section below.

Changing Your Password

You can easily change your password by doing the following:

1. Click on ‘Your Account’ > ‘Profile Information’ > ‘Change Your Password’.
2. In the form that is shown, enter your current password and your new password (twice) in the appropriate fields.
3. Click ‘Change Your Password’. You should be shown a message to confirm that your password has been changed. If there was an error with the information you entered you will be shown the form again and asked to enter the correct information before your password is changed.

Valid Passwords

Your password:

  • must be between 5 and 12 characters long
  • must consist of alphanumeric characters only (ie no spaces, punctuation, etc)
  • is case sensitive and can contain upper case and lower case characters

Absentee Bids
It is recommended that absentee bids are placed using our online advance bidding facility, which is available on our website at Bids placed in this way cannot be seen by others and do not go live until the actual moment that the lot in question is being offered for sale. All bids can be easily altered or cancelled by the bidder prior to this point. An automated email will be sent confirming all bids and alterations.

A valid email address is required to bid online.

There is no additional charge for online bidding.

Whilst we are still happy to execute all bids submitted in writing or by phone, fax, etc., it should be noted that bids left with us will be entered at our offices using the same bidding facility to which all our clients have access. There is, therefore, no better way of ensuring the accuracy of your bids than to execute them yourself online.

Whilst online bids can be placed up until the moment a lot is offered for sale, all other bids made to the office must be confirmed in writing, by fax or e-mail and should be received by 16:00 on the day prior to the sale. Although we will endeavour to execute late bids, Noonans Auctions Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any bids received later than this.

If a bidder is unable to attend an auction or to bid live on the internet and wishes to book a telephone bid with Noonans, they must contact Noonans by 16:00 on the day prior to the sale to make arrangements to bid thus. Noonans cannot be held responsible in the event of connectivity issues, resulting in failure for the buyer to be able to bid.

Commission Form
Further advice to bidders and purchasers may be found on the commission form included with this catalogue. Please use this form when sending bids to us by post or fax.

Buyers’ Premium
A buyers’ premium of 24% on the hammer price (plus VAT if resident in, or lots are delivered within, the UK) is payable by the buyer on all lots.

Pre-sale Estimates
The pre-sale estimates are intended as a guide for prospective purchasers. Any bid between the listed figures would, in our opinion, offer a fair chance of success. However all lots, depending on the degree of competition, can realise prices either above or below the listed estimates.

New Clients
New clients must register online to bid (whether in person or in absentia) and any such registrations will only be accepted once due diligence as been completed to the satisfaction of Noonans.

Registration requests, together with auction house references and identification/proof of address as requested should be submitted as early as possible and certainly not later than one business day before the auction.

Whilst every endeavour is made to complete the registration process as quickly as possible, Noonans cannot be held responsible if it is not completed in time for a bid to be placed.

Noonans reserve the right to refuse any registration without explanation.

Methods of Payment
All payments must be made in pounds sterling within five days of the end of a sale unless credit terms have been made by prior arrangement.

The best way to make payment is by Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards via our website Carriage and insurance is pre-calculated for you so that you may pay immediately.

Payment may also be made by bank transfer to Noonans account at:
Piccadilly London Branch
39 Piccadilly
London W1J 0AA
Sort Code: 30-96-64 Account No: 00622865
Swift Code: LOYDGB2L
IBAN: GB70LOYD30966400622865 BIC: LOYDGB21085

Please include your surname, client code and auction date with the instructions to the bank. Alternative methods of payment which may enable immediate clearance of purchases include cash, recognised banker’s drafts, credit cards (Master Card, Visa and Amex) and debit cards. Although personal and company cheques are accepted, buyers are advised that property will not be released until such cheques have fully cleared and cannot be subject to recall, which may take two weeks. Third party payment is not accepted except by prior arrangement. Cardholder not present transactions will only be accepted when successfully completed through our online payment platform. Clients may be required to pay by bank transfer for their first purchase or at other times at sole discretion of Noonans.

Please note that we will not accept cash payments in excess of £5,000 (five thousand pounds) in settlement for purchases made at any one auction.

Purchases will be despatched as soon as possible upon full payment in pounds sterling for the lots you have bought. Carriage will be at the buyer’s expense. Estimates and advice on all methods of despatch can be provided upon request.

Loss and damage warranty cover at the rate of 1.5% will be arranged unless otherwise specified and will be added to the carriage charge for non-UK deliveries.

Goods can only be shipped to the address provided to and verified by Noonans at the time of registration.

Change of Address
Change of address requests will be subject to the same due diligence by Noonans as at the time of registration.

Artists’ Resale Rights (Droit de Suite)
Droit de Suite is a royalty payable to a qualifying artist or their estate every time the artist’s work is sold at auction or by an art market professional during the artist’s lifetime and for a period of up to 70 years following the artist’s death.

Royalties are calculated on a sliding percentage scale based on the hammer price.

Lots subject to this royalty payment are marked with ARR in the catalogue.

If you have any technical support queries please use the Contact Us page.

Conditions mainly concerning Buyers

1 The buyer
The highest bidder shall be the buyer at the ‘hammer price’ and any dispute shall be settled at the auctioneer’s absolute discretion. Every bidder shall be deemed to act as principal unless there is in force a written acknowledgement by Noonans Auctions Ltd (”Noonans”) that he acts as agent on behalf of a named principal. Bids will be executed in the order that they are received.

2 Minimum increment
The auctioneer shall have the right to refuse any bid which does not conform to Noonans published bidding increments which may be found at and in the bidding form included with the auction catalogue.

3 The premium
The buyer shall pay to Noonans a premium on the ‘hammer price’ in accordance with the percentages set out above and agrees that Noonans, when acting as agent for the seller, may also receive commission from the seller in accordance with Condition 15.

4 Value Added Tax (VAT)
The buyers’ premium is subject to the current rate of Value Added Tax if the lot is delivered to the purchaser within the UK.

Lots marked ‘x’ are subject to importation duty of 5% on the hammer price unless re-exported outside the UK.

From 1 January 2021 importation VAT may be levied by EU countries on lots sold by Noonans and subsequently imported into those countries. Although Noonans is unable to advise buyers on customs regulations in their country of domicile, listed below are the Importation VAT rates for each EU country valid as at 1st January 2021 for lots falling under the Customs Harmonised Codes
97 05 00 00 90 Collectors’ Items of Numismatic Interest and 97 05 00 00 20 Collectors’ Items of Numismatic Interest, Gold or Silver. nb: The buyer is responsible for making appropriate enquires for the rates applicable to their own country. The below is for guidance only and Noonans cannot guarantee the veracity of the quoted rates which can be subject to change at short notice

Austria 13%
Belgium 6%
Bulgaria 20%
Croatia 25%
Cyprus 5%
Czech Republic 15%
Denmark 5%
Estonia 20%
Finland 10%
France 5.5%
Germany 7%
Greece 24%
Hungary 27%
Ireland 13.5%
Italy 10%
Latvia 21%
Lithuania 21%
Luxembourg 8%
Malta 5%
Netherlands 9%
Poland 8%
Portugal 6%
Romania 19%
Slovakia 20%
Slovenia 9.5%
Spain 10%
Sweden 12%

5 Payment
When a lot is sold the buyer shall:
(a) confirm to Noonans his or her name and address and, if so requested, give proof of identity; and

(b) pay to Noonans the ‘total amount due’ in pounds sterling within five working days of the end of the sale (unless credit terms have been agreed with Noonans before the auction). Please note that, as stated above, we will not accept cash payments in excess of £5,000 (five thousand pounds) in settlement for purchases made at any one auction.

6 Noonans may, at its absolute discretion, agree credit terms with the buyer before an auction under which the buyer will be entitled to take possession of lots purchased up to an agreed amount in value in advance of payment by a determined future date of the ‘total amount due’.

7 Any payments by a buyer to Noonans may be applied by Noonans towards any sums owing from that buyer to Noonans on any account whatever, without regard to any directions of the buyer, his or her agent, whether expressed or implied.

8 Collection of purchases
The ownership of the lot(s) purchased shall not pass to the buyer until he or she has made payment in full to Noonans of the ‘total amount due’ in pounds sterling.

9 (a) The buyer shall at his or her own expense take away the lot(s) purchased not later than 5 working days after the day of the auction but (unless credit terms have been agreed in accordance with Condition 7) not before payment to Noonans of the ‘total amount due’.

(b) The buyer shall be responsible for any removal, storage and insurance charges on any lot not taken away within 5 working days after the day of the auction.

(c) The packing and handling of purchased lots by Noonans staff is undertaken solely as a courtesy to clients and, in the case of fragile articles, will be undertaken only at Noonans discretion. In no event will Noonans be liable for damage to glass or frames, regardless of the cause. Bulky lots or sharp implements, etc., may not be suitable for in-house shipping.

10 Buyers’ responsibilities for lots purchased
The buyer will be responsible for loss or damage to lots purchased from the time of collection or the expiry of 5 working days after the day of the auction, whichever is the sooner. Neither Noonans nor its servants or agents shall thereafter be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, while any lot is in its custody or under its control.

Loss and damage warranty cover at the rate of 1.5% will be applied to any lots despatched by Noonans to destinations outside the UK, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the consignee.

11 Remedies for non-payment or failure to collect purchase
If any lot is not paid for in full and taken away in accordance with Conditions 6 and 10, or if there is any other breach of either of those Conditions, Noonans as agent of the seller shall, at its absolute discretion and without prejudice to any other rights it may have, be entitled to exercise one or more of the following rights and remedies:

(a) to proceed against the buyer for damages for breach of contract.

(b) to rescind the sale of that or any other lots sold to the defaulting buyer at the same or any other auction.

(c) to re-sell the lot or cause it to be re-sold by public auction or private sale and the defaulting buyer shall pay to Noonans any resulting deficiency in the ‘total amount due’ (after deduction of any part payment and addition of re-sale costs) and any surplus shall belong to the seller.

(d) to remove, store and insure the lot at the expense of the defaulting buyer and, in the case of storage, either at Noonans premises or elsewhere.

(e) to charge interest at a rate not exceeding 2 percent per month on the ‘total amount due’ to the extent it remains unpaid for more than 5 working days after the day of the auction.

(f) to retain that or any other lot sold to the same buyer at the sale or any other auction and release it only after payment of the ‘total amount due’.

(g) to reject or ignore any bids made by or on behalf of the defaulting buyer at any future auctions or obtaining a deposit before accepting any bids in future.

(h) to apply any proceeds of sale then due or at any time thereafter becoming due to the defaulting buyer towards settlement of the ‘total amount due’ and to exercise a lien on any property of the defaulting buyer which is in Noonans possession for any purpose.

12 Liability of Noonans and sellers
(a) Goods auctioned are usually of some age. All goods are sold with all faults and imperfections and errors of description. Illustrations in catalogues are for identification only. Buyers should satisfy themselves prior to the sale as to the condition of each lot and should exercise and rely on their own judgement as to whether the lot accords with its description. Subject to the obligations accepted by Noonans under this Condition, none of the seller, Noonans, its servants or agents is responsible for errors of descriptions or for the genuineness or authenticity of any lot. No warranty whatever is given by Noonans, its servants or agents, or any seller to any buyer in respect of any lot and any express or implied conditions or warranties are hereby excluded.

(b) Any lot which proves to be a ‘deliberate forgery’ may be returned by the buyer to Noonans within 15 days of the date of the auction in the same condition in which it was at the time of the auction, accompanied by a statement of defects, the number of the lot, and the date of the auction at which it was purchased. If Noonans is satisfied that the item is a ‘deliberate forgery’ and that the buyer has and is able to transfer a good and marketable title to the lot free from any third party claims, the sale will be set aside and any amount paid in respect of the lot will be refunded, provided that the buyer shall have no rights under this Condition if:

(i) the description in the catalogue at the date of the sale was in accordance with the then generally accepted opinion of scholars and experts or fairly indicated that there was a conflict of such opinion; or

(ii) the only method of establishing at the date of publication of the catalogue that the lot was a ‘deliberate forgery’ was by means of scientific processes not generally accepted for use until after publication of the catalogue or a process which was unreasonably expensive or impractical.

(c) A buyer’s claim under this Condition shall be limited to any amount paid in respect of the lot and shall not extend to any loss or damage suffered or expense incurred by him or her.

(d) The benefit of the Condition shall not be assignable and shall rest solely and exclusively in the buyer who, for the purpose of this condition, shall be and only be the person to whom the original invoice is made out by Noonans in respect of the lot sold.

Conditions mainly concerning Sellers and Consignors

13 Warranty of title and availability
The seller warrants to Noonans and to the buyer that he or she is the true owner of the property or is properly authorised to sell the property by the true owner and is able to transfer good and marketable title to the property free from any third party claims. The seller will indemnify Noonans, its servants and agents and the buyer against any loss or damage suffered by either in consequence of any breach on the part of the seller.

14 Reserves
The seller shall be entitled to place, prior to the first day of the auction, a reserve at or below the low estimate on any lot provided that the low estimate is more than £100. Such reserve being the minimum ‘hammer price’ at which that lot may be treated as sold. A reserve once placed by the seller shall not be changed without the consent of Noonans. Noonans may at their option sell at a ‘hammer price’ below the reserve but in any such cases the sale proceeds to which the seller is entitled shall be the same as they would have been had the sale been at the reserve. Where a reserve has been placed, only the auctioneer may bid on behalf of the seller.

15 Authority to deduct commission and expenses
The seller authorises Noonans to deduct commission at the ‘stated rate’ and ‘expenses’ from the ‘hammer price’ and acknowledges Noonans right to retain the premium payable by the buyer.

16 Rescission of sale
If before Noonans remit the ‘sale proceeds’ to the seller, the buyer makes a claim to rescind the sale that is appropriate and Noonans is of the opinion that the claim is justified, is authorised to rescind the sale and refund to the buyer any amount paid to Noonans in respect of the lot.

17 Payment of sale proceeds
Noonans shall remit the ‘sale proceeds’ to the seller not later than 35 days after the auction, but if by that date Noonans has not received the ‘total amount due’ from the buyer then Noonans will remit the sale proceeds within five working days after the date on which the ‘total amount due’ is received from the buyer. If credit terms have been agreed between Noonans and the buyer, Noonans shall remit to the seller the sale proceeds not later than 35 days after the auction unless otherwise agreed by the seller.

18 If the buyer fails to pay to Noonans the ‘total amount due’ within 3 weeks after the auction, Noonans will endeavour to notify the seller and take the seller’s instructions as to the appropriate course of action and, so far as in Noonans opinion is practicable, will assist the seller to recover the ‘total amount due’ from the buyer. If circumstances do not permit Noonans to take instructions from the seller, the seller authorises Noonans at the seller’s expense to agree special terms for payment of the ‘total amount due’, to remove, store and insure the lot sold, to settle claims made by or against the buyer on such terms as Noonans shall in its absolute discretion think fit, to take such steps as are necessary to collect monies due by the buyer to the seller and if necessary to rescind the sale and refund money to the buyer if appropriate

19 If, notwithstanding that, the buyer fails to pay to Noonans the ‘total amount due’ within three weeks after the auction and Noonans remits the ‘sale proceeds’ to the seller, the ownership of the lot shall pass to Noonans.

20 Charges for withdrawn lots
Where a seller cancels instructions for sale, Noonans reserve the right to charge a fee of 15 per cent of Noonans then latest middle estimate of the auction price of the property withdrawn, together with Value Added Tax thereon if the seller is resident in the UK, and ‘expenses’ incurred in relation to the property

21 Rights to photographs and illustrations
The seller gives Noonans full and absolute right to photograph and illustrate any lot placed in its hands for sale and to use such photographs and illustrations and any photographs and illustrations provided by the seller at any time at its absolute discretion (whether or not in connection with the auction).

22 Unsold lots
Where any lot fails to sell, Noonans shall notify the seller accordingly. The seller shall make arrangements either to re-offer the lot for sale or to collect the lot.

23 Noonans reserve the right to charge commission up to one-half of the ‘stated rates’ calculated on the ‘bought-in price’ and in addition ‘expenses’ in respect of any unsold lots.

General Conditions and Definitions

24 Noonans sells as agent for the seller (except where it is stated wholly or partly to own any lot as principal) and as such is not responsible for any default by seller or buyer.

25 Any representation or statement by Noonans, in any catalogue as to authorship, attribution, genuineness, origin, date, age, provenance, condition or estimated selling price is a statement of opinion only. Every person interested should exercise and rely on his or her own judgement as to such matters and neither Noonans nor its servants or agents are responsible for the correctness of such opinions.

­26 Whilst the interests of prospective buyers are best served by attendance at the auction, Noonans will, if so instructed, execute bids on their behalf. Neither Noonans nor its servants or agents are responsible for any neglect or default in doing so or for failing to do so.

27 Noonans shall have the right, at its discretion, to refuse admission to its premises or attendance at its auctions by any person.

28 Noonans has absolute discretion without giving any reason to refuse any bid, to divide any lot, to combine any two or more lots, to withdraw any lot from the auction and in case of dispute to put up any lot for auction again.

29 (a) Any indemnity under these Conditions shall extend to all actions, proceedings costs, expenses, claims and demands whatever incurred or suffered by the person entitled to the benefit of the indemnity.

(b) Noonans declares itself to be a trustee for its relevant servants and agents of the benefit of every indemnity under these Conditions to the extent that such indemnity is expressed to be for the benefit of its servants and agents.

30 Any notice by Noonans to a seller, consignor, prospective bidder or buyer may be given by first class mail or airmail and if so given shall be deemed to have been duly received by the addressee 48 hours after posting.

31 These Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. All transactions to which these Conditions apply and all matters connected therewith shall also be governed by English law. Noonans hereby submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and all other parties concerned hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

32 In these Conditions:
(a) ‘catalogue’ includes any advertisement, brochure, estimate, price list or other publication;

(b) ‘hammer price’ means the price at which a lot is knocked down by the auctioneer to the buyer;

(c) ‘total amount due’ means the ‘hammer price’ in respect of the lot sold together with any premium, Value Added Tax chargeable and additional charges and expenses due from a defaulting buyer in pounds sterling;

(d) ‘deliberate forgery’ means an imitation made with the intention of deceiving as to authorship, origin, date, age, period, culture or source which is not shown to be such in the description in the catalogue and which at the date of the sale had a value materially less than it would have had if it had been in accordance with that description;

(e) ‘sale proceeds’ means the net amount due to the seller being the ‘hammer price’ of the lot sold less commission at the ‘stated rates’ and ‘expenses’ and any other amounts due to Noonans by the seller in whatever capacity and howsoever arising;

(f) ‘stated rate’ means Noonans published rates of commission for the time and any Value Added Tax thereon;

(g) ‘expenses’ in relation to the sale of any lot means Noonans charges and expenses for insurance, illustrations, special advertising, packing and freight of that lot and any Value Added Tax thereon;

(h) ‘bought-in price’ means 5 per cent more than the highest bid received below the reserve.

33 Vendors’ commission of sales
A commission of 15 per cent is payable by the vendor on the hammer price on lots sold.

34 VAT
Commission, illustrations, insurance and advertising are subject to VAT if the seller is resident in the UK.

"Noonans Auctions Ltd" (we) take your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes how and why we obtain, store and process data which can identify you. We may update this policy from time to time and shall indicate on the website when changes have been made.

What information do we store?
We store personal data on individuals and companies with whom we have dealings including, but not limited to, staff, partners, suppliers, valuation clients, buyers and sellers (both trade and private individuals). The information stored is secured behind password protection and includes:

- Names
- Addresses
- Phone and fax numbers
- Email addresses

In some cases additional information is gathered, including;

- Bank details (see below)
- Taxation information for employees and partners
- Details of proof of identity
- Ownership of goods valued/offered for sale including descriptions, images and provenance.

Information is collected from you when you register with us, or when you contribute to, or use some of the advanced features of our website.

The information we collect is clearly set out on the web page on which we collect it. In addition, we may collect your IP address and use cookies unless you configure your web browser not to accept them.

We only collect credit / debit card information in order to process transactions. We do not retain any customer credit / debit card information and are fully PCI compliant.

Reasons for holding information
We hold and store information for the following reasons;

- Record keeping for Taxation: PAYE, pensions and NI for employees and partners.
- Provision against money laundering: to confirm our compliance with cash limits and to enable us to assist authorities with relation to tax, money laundering and theft investigations where asked to provide information.
- To combat fraud and forgery unlimited by time.
- Details of goods sold /valued for accounting purposes and tax purposes including Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Artist's resale rights and VAT.
- We are required by insurers to retain details of clients and valuations.
- Ownership details of goods valued or sold for retention for an unlimited period (for normal accounting purposes and against title claims).
- Details including provenance and images of goods required for transactional record purposes to go in catalogues and on our website and other third party auction platforms.
- Marketing and advising buyers of goods coming up for sale which they may be interested in as traders or collectors where users have opted in.
- Bank details of staff, partners, suppliers, buyers and sellers held in our back office programme and on our third party bank website principally for recurring payments.

Where is information held, and who has access to it?
All main contact details, lot descriptions and images are held in our back office system. For ease of access and efficiency this is accessible to all staff (password protected).

Certain details such as bank account information, salary details, taxation, National Insurance and pension information are accessed only by key members of staff (including Payroll and Accounts).

Email and other contact information including addresses are also in Mail and our back office system and are accessible to staff.

All staff computers are password protected to the individual user.

It is essential for the efficient running of the business for all staff to have free and quick access to computers where data is stored in the office.

In consultation with our IT consultants we are constantly reviewing and monitoring the security of the data we hold, and protection of our business level server.

All data collected for marketing purposes is through our website. Customers who create an account online have the option to tick a box to receive marketing emails and to select specific marketing emails on certain areas of interest. Customers can modify these selections from the website and can unsubscribe at any time including on receipts of all marketing emails from us.

Clients who sell goods are provided with the option to tick a box on their receipt to receive marketing emails from us.

Bidders in person also tick a box on sale registration forms should they wish to receive marketing communication from us.

Contacting Us
If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can contact us using the contact form on our website or by post/in attendance at the following address;

16 Bolton St
United Kingdom

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