23 May 2019

Dix Noonan Webb, the international coins, medals, banknotes and jewellery specialists, are delighted to announce that Nigel Mills is joining their team of specialists as Antiquities expert, working alongside their coin and jewellery departments, with particular emphasis on artefacts, Ancient and British hammered coins, Ancient jewellery and Antiquities discovered by Metal Detectorists. He will be available to look at “finds” and offer free valuations, by appointment, on Wednesdays at their auction rooms in central Mayfair - 16 Bolton St, London, W1J 8BQ

Specialist Nigel started as a Mudlark on the river Thames when he was fifteen, and spent the next nine years searching for coins and antiquities every spare moment he had! He became a coin and Antiquity dealer in 1982 operating from antique markets in London and started writing about detecting finds in magazines and then published a series of books on Antiquities found in Britain. He has continued dealing and been acting for many years as a consultant for a number of auction houses including DNW.

Nigel Mills said: “I have been involved in the finding and antiquities business almost all my life and this has now progressed to me becoming a specialist for the detecting finds especially antiquities that are now being consigned for auction at DNW. I will be in the office every Wednesday and will also be available for free valuations. I am also happy to come to talk to detecting clubs around the country about auction highlights.”

Managing Director, Pierce Noonan, commented: “We are very pleased to welcome Nigel as an expert to DNW, he has worked closely with us for many years and was instrumental in several wonderful discoveries coming to auction, including the consignment of an important Roman Coin discovered in Kent, which we will be offering for sale in June.”

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