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№ 1044


14 July 2022

Hammer Price:

Roman Imperial Coinage, Valentinian I, Miliarensis, Trier, 367-75, d n valentini-anvs p f avg, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right, rev. virtvs exercitvs, Emperor standing left in military attire, holding standard and shield, tr.ps in exergue, 4.34g/12h (Ghey 6, this coin; Hoxne –; RIC IX p.19, –; RSC –). Extremely fine, well-struck and attractive, with an unrecorded mint mark variety £2,000-£2,600

Provenance: From the Vale of Pewsey Hoard of Late Roman Silver Coins (PAS BM-7D34D9)

The coin offered for sale here is one of the two Miliarensia from the Vale of Pewsey Hoard which the British Museum intended to acquire for its collection. Indeed, the coin is deserving of a place in any museum given its exceptional state of preservation and its unique mint mark. However, following the sale of the balance of the hoard through these rooms on 17 May 2022, the British Museum decided that it was no longer in a position to acquire this particular coin, and it was subsequently returned to the finders who in turn have decided to offer it for sale.