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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

A rare Second World War Dieppe raid D.S.M. group of six awarded to Sick Berth Petty Officer F. Dunn, Royal Navy

Distinguished Service Medal
, G.VI.R. (SXX. 20518 F. Dunn, A.B.); 1939-45 Star; Atlantic Star; Africa Star; War Medal 1939-45; Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., E.II.R., 1st issue (MX. 804638, D.S.M., S.B.P.O., H.M.S. Pembroke), mounted as worn, the last with minor official correction to ship’s name, contact marks, very fine or better (6) £1800-2200

D.S.M. London Gazette 2 October 1942. The original recommendation states:

‘For devotion to duty and coolness when his ship was under fire.’

Frederick Dunn was decorated for his services as an Able Seaman in M.L.
190 off the beaches of Dieppe during “Operation Jubilee” on 19 August 1942. As part of the 11th Motor Launch Flotilla, M.L. 190 operated close inshore, laying smoke and no doubt engaging some of the numerous enemy aircraft that launched continuous attacks throughout the day. A glimpse of her in action may be found in Peter Scott’s account of the raid in Battle of the Narrow Seas, in which he describes her as having ‘a big hole in her starboard quarter’ and, as a result of such damage, steering by hand with large tillers. Such damage aside, it is also clear from Scott’s account that she maintained her station and continued to lay smoke, gallant work that no doubt contributed to Dunn’s D.S.M. He received his award at an investiture held on 27 October 1942.