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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

Pair: Paymaster Lieutenant J. J. Kentsbeer, Royal Navy

East and West Africa 1887-1900
, 1 clasp, Sierra Leone 1898-99 (340358 S. Std. As., H.M.S. Blonde); Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., 1st issue (340558 Sh. Steward, H.M.S. Sentinel), note slightly different number, contact marks and a little edge bruising, otherwise generally very fine (2) £180-220

John James Kentsbeer was born in July 1879 and entered the Royal Navy in the summer of 1894. He was appointed an Acting Warrant Victualling Officer in January 1919, was advanced to Commissioned Supply Officer in November 1928 and, in June 1934, the year of his retirement, to Paymaster Lieutenant.