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1 December 2004

Hammer Price:

Four: Lieutenant-Commander F. Garland, Royal Navy

Egypt and Sudan 1882-89
, dated reverse, no clasp (Act. Gunr., R.N., H.M.S. Ruby); British War Medal 1914-20 (Lt. Commr., R.N.); Khedive’s Star 1882; Royal Humane Society, small bronze medal (Frederick Garland (Gunner’s Mate, H.M.S. Resistance) 9 Sept. 1879), this last lacking usual riband brooch, the first with contact marks but generally very fine or better and a rare combination of awards (4) £250-300

Frederick Garland was born at Stoke Damerel in April 1855, the son of James Garland, a Captain’s Coxswain, R.N. (see Lot 3), and entered the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class in May 1870. Clearly a talented rating, who had achieved Petty Officer status by January 1878, he was awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Medal in bronze for the following incident:

‘At 3 p.m. on 9 September 1879, at Rock Ferry on the River Mersey, with the tide running at three and a half knots, Joseph Hayes, an Able Seaman from H.M.S. Resistance, fell out of the mizen rigging striking a boat before entering the water, rendering himself helpless. The water was rough and cold, the wind blowing hard. Frederick Garland, Gunner’s Mate of the Resistance, jumped overboard, supported the man for some time on the surface, the tide carryng them away from the ship. Garland then became exhausted and had to let go his hold when the boat came within two lengths. He was insensible himself when picked up, and on the sick list for two days after the event. Body not recovered at the time’ (taken from information supplied in R.H.S. Case No. 20724).

Garland subsequently witnessed active service aboard the Ruby during the Egypt operations of 1882, was advanced to Gunner, R.N. in October of the same year and to Chief Gunner in April 1903, and by the time of his retirement in April 1910, he had been commissioned as a Lieutenant. Recalled in June 1915, and elevated to Lieutenant-Commander in the same month, he was borne on the books of Vivid I, II and IV as ‘additional for harbour patrol duties’, which services qualified him for his single British War Medal 1914-20. Once again placed on the Retired List in March 1919, aged 64 years, Garland died at the Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth in June 1934.

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