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№ 1538


17 September 2004

Hammer Price:

Sweetheart Brooches, a selection of 40 plus items including pin bar types the majority in base metals but including some hall marked silver items 5th Royal Irish Lancers QVC overlay on a horseshoe (Birm 1918), circular tortoisehell types Tank Corps (Birm 1917) pin defective, RFC (London 1916) Rifle Brigade (London 1917), ‘Sterling’ and enamels The Buffs & Australian Forces (enamels defective on both), ‘Silver’ and enamel DCLI, unmarked with enamels and ‘diamond’ scips Coldstream Guards and Yorkshire Dragoons; together with five variable cast white metal USA Forces badges, cap badges of the Burma Army Signals and a KC Rhodesia Regiment, various ATS and Red Cross lapel badges, five good quality period Div signs and a heavily mothed KC bullion velvet and silks Colour Sergeant’s pre 1914 arm badge, many pins defective otherwise generally good condition (a parcel) £100-120