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№ 1244


17 September 2004

Hammer Price:

A rare Edward VII K.P.M. group of three awarded to District Superintendent E. C. Ryland, Eastern Bengal and Assam Police

Delhi Durbar 1903, unnamed as issued, complete with ribbon buckle; Delhi Durbar 1911, unnamed as issued; King’s Police Medal, E.VII.R. (E. C. Ryland, Dis. Supt. Ind. P. (E. Bengal & Assam)) original court mounting as worn in order listed, nearly extremely fine (3) £800-1000

K.P.M. HO 45/10591: ‘Edward Charles Ryland, District Superintendent, Indian Police (Eastern Bengal and Assam). Has a specially distinguished record in district police administration; dealt with plague riots in Patna under trying circumstances, and his service in connection with the recent outbreak of political crime in Eastern Bengal and Assam, has been specially valuable.’

A total of only 95 K.P.M.’s awarded during the reign of Edward VII, including 50 awards for India and Burma.