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17 September 2004

Hammer Price:

Seven: Sergeant R. Irving, Royal Scots Fusiliers, late Auxiliary Forces of India

India General Service 1908-35
, 1 clasp, Burma 1930-32 (3122666 S.S. Instr., I.U.L. (Attd. Bur. Rys. Bn., A.F.I.)); 1939-45 Star; Burma Star; Defence and War Medals; Army L.S. & G.C., G.VI.R., 1st issue, India (S. Sjt. Instr., I.U.L. Attd. A.F.I.); Army Meritorious Service Medal, E.II.R., 1st issue (3122666 Sgt., R.S.F.), the first and last with official corrections, generally good very fine and rare (7) £180-220