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6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

Royal Artillery Institution Prize Medal 1871, by G. G. Adams, obverse: seated female, wearing robes, sword and helmet, with a lion to the right, above, ‘Scientia et Virtute’, in the exergue, ‘1871’; reverse: within a wreath of oak and laurel, ‘Royal Artillery Institution MDCCCXXXVIII’ (Major C. C. Robertson, R.F.A., 1908), 48mm., silver, minor edge bruising, very fine £80-100

The Medal was awarded by the Royal Artillery Institution for prize essays.

Charles Chetwode Robertson was born on 24 April 1871 and was commissioned into the Royal Artillery on 25 July 1890 and was promoted Lieutenant on 25 July 1893. Employed with the West African Frontier Force, 16 February 1898 - 23 April 1900; he was serving in Lagos, West Africa during 1898, employed in the Hinterland - for which he was awarded the East and West Africa Medal. During the Boer War, he served in operations in Natal during 1900, operations in Transvaal, November 1900-August 1901 and September 1901-January 1902 and operations in the Orange River Colony during May-September 1901 and January-May 1902. For his services he was awarded the Queen’s medal with four clasps and the King’s with two clasps. Promoted Captain on 13 February 1900, he was Adjutant from 1 October 1905 until 4 May 1908 and on 5 May 1908 was promoted Major. He was placed on Retired Pay on 4 September 1912. With the outbreak of the Great War, he returned to active service and attained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel on 9 May 1919. For his services he was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (
London Gazette 1 January 1917), was thrice mentioned in despatches (London Gazette 1 January 1916, 1 December 1916 and 12 January 1918) and granted the brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel on 1 January 1918.