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6 July 2004

Hammer Price:

Three: Drummer S. Wilson, 10th (Scottish) Battalion, Liverpool Regiment, who, although only 16 years of age accompanied his battalion to the front in November 1914

1914 Star (2695 Dmr., 10/L’pool. R.) surname spelt ‘Wison’ on this medal; British War and Victory Medals (2695 Pte., L’pool. R.) nearly extremely fine (3) £120-150

Sidney Wilson accompanied the first contingent of the Liverpool Scottish to France in November 1914 aboard the S.S. Maidan, despite the fact that he was only a sixteen year old drummer boy. He was however sent home with a number of other underage soldiers in December 1914, but re-enlisted again when he reached 18, returning to France in 1916. Sold with several copied photographs which include recipient.