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№ 1553


30 June 2004

Hammer Price:

Switzerland, François-Marie Voltaire, the Château de Ferney medal, 1770, in copper, by G.C. Waechter, draped bust right, rev. altar surmounted by trophies, 58mm (Molinari 347; BDM VI, 339; cf. BDW 5, 316); François-Marie Voltaire, c.1770, a copper medal by J.M. Morikofer, bust right, rev. theatrical emblems, 49mm (cf. BDW 13, 500); Bicentenary of the Birth of Daniel Jeanrichard, 1864, a bronze medal by F. Landry, bust three-quarters left, rev. legend in six lines, 33mm (BDM III, 293) [3]. First very fine, others about extremely fine and attractively patinated (£60-80)

François-Marie Arouet Voltaire (1694-1778), man of letters; Daniel Jeanrichard (1664-1741), horologist from Neuchâtel