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Sold between 14 & 17 March 2004

5 parts


The Collection of Short Cross Coins formed by the late Professor Jeffrey P. Mass

Professor Jeffrey P Mass


№ 7


17 March 2004

Hammer Price:

Class I, Wilton, Rodbert, rodbert·on·wilt· (over win), dies 6/5, 1.40g/2h (SCBI 168). Slightly off-centre, obverse from a partly scoured die, small scrape below King’s left eye, otherwise very fine, very rare (£200-250)

F. Elmore Jones Collection, Glendining Auction, 7 October 1986, lot 1751;
bt Baldwin 1987.

The scouring of the obv. die and the alteration of the rev. die is attributed to the removal of the dies from Winchester to Wilton, following the fire of 1180 which destroyed the Winchester mint (see ‘The Emergency Mint of Wilton in 1180’, by J. D. Brand and F. Elmore Jones, BNJ 35 [1966], pp.116-19, where this coin is illustrated as pl.xv, 8). Opinions of the revised reading vary between wil, wil: and wilt·; the cataloguer has opted for the last