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Sold on 6 July 2004

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Medals From The Collection of Hal Giblin

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6 July 2004

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A fine ‘Gallantry’ K.P.M. group of three awarded to Police Sergeant J. Ratcliffe, Liverpool City Police, for his part in pursuing and eventually apprehending a ‘violent and dangerous criminal’ who was armed with a revolver

King’s Police Medal, G.VI.R., 1st issue, for Gallantry (P.C. James Ratcliffe, Liverpool City Police Force); Defence Medal; Police Long Service, G.VI.R. (Sergt.), mounted as worn; together with a related, Imperial Service Medal, G.V.R., 3rd issue (John Ratcliffe) generally good very fine or better (4) £600-800

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, Medals From The Collection of Hal Giblin.

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K.P.M. London Gazette 2 January 1948

The following detailed citation is extracted from
Police Chronicle and Constabulary World, 6 January 1948:

‘ At 9.45 p.m. on 17th May 1947, Police Constables Jones and Ratcliffe, when on motor patrol duty, were instructed by wireless to go to a coloured seaman’s club in Upper Stanhope Street. On arrival, the constables were informed that a man named Cassidy had fired at another man a few minutes previously and had then run away along Upper Stanhope Street.

The constables immediately went in chase. After a pursuit through several streets, Cassidy ran towards Percy Street. Cons. Jones jumped out of the car and ran after Cassidy, Cons. Ratcliffe following in the car. Cons. Ratcliffe noticed that Cassidy had a revolver in his right hand, and shouted a warning to Cons. Jones. On reaching the junction of Percy Street, Cons. Ratcliffe was level with Cassidy on the opposite side of the road, Cons. Jones being 7 or 8 yards behind. Cassidy turned and took deliberate aim at Cons. Jones.

Cons. Jones fell into a stooping position and simultaneously Cons. Ratcliffe swung the police car towards the man, who on seeing his danger, pointed the weapon at Cons. Ratcliffe, shouting “I’ll shoot.” As soon as Cassidy had changed his position, Cons. Jones closed with him, and, in the struggle the revolver was forced out of Cassidy’s right hand, falling into the area of a house. Cassidy broke away from Cons. Jones before Cons. Ratcliffe could help to arrest him and ran along Percy Street towards Upper Parliament Street, Cons. Jones following on foot and Cons. Ratcliffe in the car.

On reaching Upper Parliament Street, Cons. Ratcliffe, who was still under the impression that the man was armed, drove the car on to the footwalk and forced Cassidy against the railings. By this action Cassidy was forced to retreat, and he turned around and ran at Cons. Jones with his head down. The constable closed with him, and forcibly held him until Cons. Ratcliffe came to his assistance, and together they were able to arrest him.

The revolver was recovered and was found to contain 4 live rounds and one spent round of ammunition, one round being in the firing position and the other three rounds being in a position for continuous firing. At the Manchester Assizes, Cassidy was found guilty of using a revolver to resist apprehension, and sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment. Both police officers showed bravery and devotion to duty of a high order, in persisting in their pursuit of a violent and dangerous criminal with a complete disregard for their own safety.’

Sold with original Home Office note advising P.C. Ratcliffe of the award; two photographs of the recipients; a copy of the original citation o f the deed by H. Winstanley, Chief Constable; an account of the incident written up jokingly in ‘American Police Crime’ manner; two cuttings from local newspapers and a cutting from the
Police Chronicle and Constabulary World (above).