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Prize, Training Ship, Nursing & Other Medals from the James N. Spencer Collection

James N Spencer

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6 July 2004

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Conway Training Ship, The King’s Medal, G.V.R., by Bertram Mackennal, reverse: ‘Mercantile Marine Service Association Liverpool School Frigate H.M.S. “Conway”’ (1919 L. Scott Evans), 44mm., 18ct. gold, 56.87g., in fitted red leather case of issue, Ref: B.H.M. 4367 sim., test mark to edge, otherwise extremely fine £400-500

The Liverpool Mercantile Marine Association school was established in 1859 on the frigate H.M.S. Conway. The school was designed to prepare boys for careers in the British Royal and Merchant navies and was moored in the Mersey at Rock Ferry, Birkenhead. In 1861 the Conway was replaced by a larger frigate, H.M.S. Winchester. The Winchester was renamed the Conway and the old Conway renamed the Winchester and was used as an R.N.R. drill ship in Aberdeen. By 1875 the new Conway was found to be too small and was replaced by the 2nd rate battleship H.M.S. Nile. The Nile was renamed the Conway and the old Conway was renamed the Mount Edgecomb and was transferred to the Devonport and Cornwall Industrial Training Ship Committee at Plymouth where she remained in use until 1920. In 1940 the ship was moved from Rock Ferry to Plas Newydd in the Menai Straits, to lessen the chance of it being bombed. In 1953 the Conway ran aground and broke her back whilst being towed to Liverpool for a refit; as a result the school was transferred to ashore to Anglesey. The school was closed in 1974.

The King's Medal was awarded to the Cadet who, during his period of training, exhibited the most gentlemanlike bearing and good influence among the Cadets.