Auction Report

8 November 2017

Starting at 10:00 AM


British Tokens, Tickets and Passes

Live Online Auction

British Tokens, Tickets and Passes (8 November 2017)

Gross Total: £172,290 (£206,748 including buyers' premium)
Number of lots: 811
Exchange rate of the GB pound: US $1.31 and €1.13

Principal Lots
Lot no.
236-418. A Distinguished Collection of British Tokens, the property of a Gentleman, £59,875 (£71,850)
419-617. The Collection of British Tokens formed by John Roberts-Lewis, £39,960 (£47,952)
1-150. London 17th Century Tokens from the Collection of Quentin Archer (Part II), £14,880 (£17,856)
163-235. The Collection of Yorkshire 17th Century Tokens formed by Christopher Street (Part I), £10,095 (£12,114)
151-162. The Collection of Oxford City 18th Century Tokens formed by the late Harrington Manville, £5,620 (£6,744)
396. The Greatheed Petition to Dismiss the King’s Ministers, Warwick, 1797, a copper medal, ex Gantz, £2,600 (£3,120)
302. London, Denton’s ‘Swan’ Penny, 1797, ex Gantz, £2,200 (£2,640)
157. Oxford, Joseph Knibb, Farthing, £1,900 (£2,280)
267. Leicestershire, Elmsthorpe, Richard Fowke, Halfpenny, 1800, ex Gantz, £1,700 (£2,040)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the printed catalogue descriptions:
622. There are 9 Gregory III Pon in the lot, as described, total 18 pieces
702. The main description should include DH 352c, total is correct
703. One other specimen is known (Baldwin Auction 102, lot 2754)
810. These are made of bone, the catalogue footnote does not apply

Withdrawn Lots
The following lots were withdrawn before the auction:

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