Auction Report

31 March 2010

Starting at 10:00 AM


British and World Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria

Washington Mayfair Hotel  London  W1J 5HE

British and World Orders, Decorations, Medals and Militaria (31 March 2010)

Gross Total £660,590 (£792,708 including buyers’ premium)
Number of lots 856
Exchange rate of the GB pound US $1.51 and €1.12

Principal Lots
Lot no.

453-513 The Collection of Medals formed by the late John Hillard, £78,090 (£93,708)
816 Light Brigade DCM group of four to Sgt-Major John Allen, 13th Lt Dragoons, £18,000 (£21,600)
825 Great War Q-ship DSM and Bar group of five to L/Seaman Percival Ross, RN, £17,000 (£20,400)
796 North Russia 1919 DSO/DSC group of eight to A/Sqn-Ldr Norman Stewart-Dawson, RAF, £16,000 (£19,200)
801 Great War Q-ship DSC and Bar group of seven to Lt-Cdr William Harrison, RNR, £16,000 (£19,200)
790 Korean War MC group of nine to Brigadier Tony Firth, Duke of Wellington's Regt, £15,000 (£18,000)
514-530 A Collection of Medals and Ephemera relating to the Defence of Kimberley, £15,230 (£18,276)
713 Palestine/Yangtze group of seven to CPO Owen Aubrey, RN, £12,000 (£14,400)
470 Crimea with 2 bars to Cpl John Sewell, 8th Hussars, £11,000 (£13,200)
508 China 1900, Defence of Legations clasp, to Pte William Turner, RMLI, £9,800 (£11,760)
17 MGS with 13 bars to Edward Byrne, 52nd Foot, £9,500 (£11,400)
12 MGS with 4 bars to Lt William Flack, 88th Foot, £9,000 (£10,800)

Saleroom Notices
The following were amendments to the catalogue descriptions
Lot no.
15 The condition is nearly extremely fine
103 The footnote should read 221 medals for Mwele to this ship
122 The recipient was dangerously wounded at Dargai on 18 October 1897, not as stated
131 The reverse has ghost dates
238 The recipient died of meningitis in No 7 General Hospital, St Omer, 26 March 1918
269 The recipient was an observer who took command of a four-aircraft detachment from 826 Squadron which served on the RFA Fort Austin between 17 May and 3 June, providing close inshore anti-submarine cover for Falkland Sound and San Carlos Water
317 The watch hands do not match and may have been replaced. The key is brass and steel, not gold and silver
362 The service number should read 79036
713 A replacement group was issued for this recipient circa 1980
719 The medals have been plated, not cleaned and lacquered
743 The recipient's surname is Skuse
789 The MC recommendation states: 'Commanding “A” Company. For good all round work all through the campaign and as acting Adjutant for two months. This officer had a very good influence throughout the regiment. Specially I would recommend him for good work at the action of Driekoppies in June 1915, when his coolness and courage under fire was a fine example to his men.'
821 In addition to a replacement 1914-15 Star trio the recipient was also issued with a replacement DCM and Bar in 1961. The medal offered for sale is his original issue.

The following lots were withdrawn before the auction:
20, 375, 376 and 854.

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