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№ 527


7 April 1994

Hammer Price:

1914-15 STAR TRIO (12), one with silver wound badge,generally very fine or better (37)

G-3198 Pte. J. W. Harrison, The Queen's R.; 3-7016 Pte. C. Barker, Devon. R.; 2778 Pte. W. Pickles, W. York. R.; 2258 Pte. G. White, Leic. R.; 13107 Pte./Cpl. S. E. Roberts, Glouc. R.; 2867 Pre./265805 Sjt. F. Askey, W. Rid. R.; 1200 Pte. L. Ball, Notts. & Derby. R., this with silver wound badge; 18372 Pte. E. Anderton, E. Lan. R.; 24406 Pte. A. E. Stephenson, Yorks. L.I.; 1865 Pte./Sjt. G. Rivers, Oxf. & Bucks. L.I.; 55893 Dvr. T. Phoenix, R.F.A.; 817 Dvr. J. Pike, R.F.A.