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28 July 1993

Hammer Price:

ARMY OF INDIA 1799-1826, 3 clasps, Asseerghur, Argaum, Gawilghur (W. Todd, 94th Foot) short hyphen reverse, officially impressed naming, small edge bruise, otherwise very fine and very rare

Ex. W. Waite Sanderson, 1941. William Todd, a Cordwainer from Edinburgh, first appears on the muster rolls of the 94th Regiment in India in the latter half of 1803. He was present at the siege and capture of the fort at Asseerghur in October, the battle of Argaum in November, and the siege and storming of the fort at Gawilghur in December, 1803. Todd served in Captain Campbell's Light Company of the 94th and it was this company that stormed the wall of the inner fort at Gawilghur by escalade, thereby enabling them to open the gates to allow entry by the remainder of the force. In September, 1807, whilst still serving in India, Todd transferred to the 59th Foot and was present with regiment at the capture of Java.

Only 52 clasps were issued for Asseerghur to European recipients and fewer than 150 medals were issued with 3 clasps, the 94th Foot receiving 33.