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№ 878


14 November 2018

Hammer Price:

James II (1685-1691), Shillings (10), all large size, 1689 Sepr, colon after date, 6.33g/12h (Timmins 1A var.; S 6581D); 1689 Sepr:, 5.75g/12h (Timmins 1D; S 6581D); 1689 Sept·, 5.29g/12h (Timmins 1E; S 6581D); 1689 Octr·, 5.67g/12h (Timmins 1E; S 6581E); 1689 Nov:, 7.06g/12h (Timmins 1C; S 6581H); 1689 Dec:, 6.74g/12h (Timmins 1C; S 6581K); 1689 10r, 7.12g/12h (Timmins 2E; S 6581L); 1689 Jan:, 6.41g/12h (Timmins 1C; S 6581M); 1689 Jan, pearled top arches on crown, 4.36g/6h (Timmins 2F; S 6581M); 1690 Mar·, 7.32g/12h (Timmins 1B; S 6581P) [10]. Varied state

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The Collection of Irish Gunmoney formed by Barry Allen.

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Provenance: First R. Bayford Auction (Banbury), 11 December 1998, lot 273; fourth bt C.J. Denton November 2006; seventh bt R. Bayford 1995; ninth DNW Auction 61, 17 March 2004, lot 817 (part); last bt M. Vosper November 1999