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№ 3122


3 October 2018

Estimate: £200–£300

FRANCE, 20th century Paris mint restrike bronze medals (10): Louis XII, 1512, 26mm (CGMP p.101); Francis I, double-obverse, 52mm (CGMP p.102, busts 1 and 2); Peace with England, 1519, 54mm (CGMP p.104); Glory of Henry II, 1551, 34mm (CGMP p.108); Conquests of Henry II, 1552, 59mm (CGMP p.108); Defence of Metz, 1552, 52mm (CGMP p.109); Henry IV and Marie de Medici, 1604, 57mm (CGMP p.130); Cardinal Richelieu, 1634, 33mm (CGMP p.136); Birth of the Dauphin, 1638, 72mm (CGMP p.137); Birth of the Prince of Wales, 1688, 30mm (CGMP p.206) [10]. Mostly extremely fine £200-300