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16 October 1996

Hammer Price:

Distinguished Service Medal, G.V.R. (PO.855.S. Act. Cpl. R. McDowell, R.M. Cy. Co. R.N.D. Gallipoli 1915) nearly extremely fine

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The Douglas-Morris Collection of Naval Medals.

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D.S.M. London Gazette 31 March 1916 “For services during the evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula.”

Prior to the 1914-18 War every Marine Battalion had a cyclist company intended as a highly mobile troop (today's equivalent of a rapid reaction group!) for quick deployment during action as and where necessary, as the need arose. The terrain of the Gallipoli Peninsula did not readily lend itself to cyclist operations. However the Battalion diary does make mention of the Cyclist Troop being used in a forward reconnaisance role. Following heavy losses in May and June 1915 the Cyclist Company were utilised to reinforce the Royal Marine Battalions but later in June they were converted into the Divisional Bombers and the personnel were trained in the use of catapults, bomb guns and trench mortars.

Robert McDowell was also awarded the French Medaille Militaire, announced in March 1916, but not Gazetted until 5 October 1920.