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№ 189


27 July 1995

Hammer Price:

Pair: Sergeant Carl Wilhelm Wientje, Osnabruck Field Battalion, Hanoverian Army, awarded the Guelphic Medal for bravery at Waterloo
Hanover Waterloo 1815 (Feldwebel, Leichte Bataillon Osnabrueck); Hanoverian Volunteer Medal 1841, unnamed as issued, the first with contact marks, good fine, the second very fine (2)

Awarded the Guelphic Medal for bravery in the 1819 List. The citation given by Von Wissel [page 138] translates as follows: “At Waterloo his intrepidity and activity were very useful; in particular he quickly helped to re-establish order at a critical moment when one side of the battalion square was in a state of confusion, although he had already been wounded.” He is shown in the State Handbook of 1850 as a Registrar in the Department of Justice at Osnabruck and a Member of the Secretariat (Copyist) of the Church in Osnabruck. The lot is sold with a colour photograph of a contemporary oil portrait of the recipient wearing his three medals in later life.