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№ 745


28 June 1995

Hammer Price:

Belgium, 1906. Belgium. Henri Moissan, Scientist, a bronze plaque by J.-C. Chaplain, 71 x 58mm, excellent portrait, extremely fine; Henri Vieuxtemps, Musician, 1912, a bronze medal by Jenny Lorain, reverse violin, 65mm (BDM VII, 563); Emiel Braun, Bourgmestre of Gand, 1914, square bronze plaque by C. de Cock, 48mm; ‘La Musique’, c. 1915, a silver-plated plaque by P. Theunis, woman with harp, 67 x 57mm (BDM VIII, 234) [4]. Last three very fine (£30-50)

Henri Moissan discovered fluoride in 1886; the plaque in this lot was struck on the 20th anniversary of the discovery, and funded by his pupils and friends