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31 May 1995

Hammer Price:

1848. Stadhuis, Amsterdam [Amerstam City Hall], bronze medal by Jacques Weiner, bronze medal by J, Weiner, view of the city hall, reverse view of the interior, 60mm (Dirks 675). Good extremely fine (£40-50)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, A Collection of Dutch Medals.

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A wonderful study of this important building by a medallist with both a penchant and talent for medallic representations of architecturial masterpieces. M.F. Alvin, writing in the Magazine of Art and Spink Numismatic Circular in1897, described his series of ten famous Belgian churches as “of equisite finish and amazing delicacy of detail....a gallery no less interesting to the man of science than to the artist or collector. More durable than the buildings they represent, they will have the advantage of perpetuating for future generations the noblest examples of architecture of the past.”