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№ 953


31 May 1995

Estimate: £50–£60

1940. NETHERLANDs. 25th Anniversary of Dr. Herman Lohr as Director of the Gelderland Electricity Company, a bronze medal by J.C. Wienecke, bust left, reverse power station, 45mm; together with Luther Evangelist Church, Rotterdam, 1940, bronze cliche, 60mm; ‘s Gravenhage, Ambachts-school, 1941, bronze prize medal by A. Termote, un-named (Beg. 1500), extremely fine; 350th Anniversary of the Death of Prince Maurice, 1942, bronze medal by J.J. van Goor and H.P.J. Fleur, 60mm (Beg. 1529); Alkmaar, bronze-washed lead prize medal, 53mm, awarded 1943, fine; Prince William I, lead medal by J.J. van Goor, 50mm (Beg. 1560) [6]. Except as described, generally very fine (£50-60)