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№ 945


31 May 1995

Estimate: £35–£50

1938. NETHERLANDs. Birth of Princess Beatrix, bronze medal by N.E. Telcs and H. Kutterink, tree of life, reverse seated baby, 60mm (Beg. 1166); together with other medals for the same event, in bronze (2), by H. Kutterink, 60mm (Beg. 1167), and by Marion Rosse, 50mm (Beg. 1178), and in silver, by C. Begeer, rev. child in arms of Juliana, 40mm; a Netherlands Gulden of Wilhelmina, the reverse worn flat and engraved ‘Beatrix Schmidt 11-4-’38 Fransvaalstr. 96, A’dam’ [5]. Mostly very fine (£35-50)

The last item presumably represents the birth of a child in Amsterdam, named after the infant Princess Beatrix