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№ 935


31 May 1995

Estimate: £40–£50

1937. NETHERLANDs. Wedding of Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhardt, bronze medal by J.J. van Goor, conj. busts left, reverse crowned conj. arms, 60mm (Beg. 1074; Bem. 188); other base metal medals for the same event (8), viz. by C. Begeer, 50mm (Bem. 183); by J.C.Wienecke, 40mm; by O. Huttl, 40mm (Bem. 185A); by J.J. van Goor, 40mm and 25mm (Bem. 188, 182B); as given to schoolchildren in Amsterdam, 28mm, and Rotterdam, 27mm (latter Bem. 193); and a small Herinnerings-penning, 21mm [9] Very fine and better (£40-50)