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№ 918


31 May 1995

Estimate: £40–£60

1933. NETHERLANDS. 400th Anniversary of the Birth of Prince William I, silver medal, unsigned, kneeling figure of William, reverse symbolic bird on nest, 40mm, about extremely fine but collectors’ number inked on reverse; other medals for the same event (3), viz. bronze (2), by H.P.J. Fleur, 60 and 40mm (Beg. 661, 669), and a brass medalet by J.C. Wienecke, 25mm, very fine and better, last with clip and ring suspension and an orange ribbon; Dirk Fock, on his 75th Birthday, copper medal by H.P.J. Fleur, 40mm (Beg. 680); Soest, a silver-plated prize medal, reverse engraved ‘Soester Natuurbad 17 Juni 1933’, 41mm [6], both very fine (£40-60)

Dirk Fock, politician