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№ 457


31 May 1995

Hammer Price:

1654. NETHERLANDS. Peace Between England and Holland, a large struck silver medal, unsigned, Neptune in naval car, holding the shields of the Commonwealth and Holland, two Tritons in front, AMANTIVM IRA AMICITIÆ, etc., reverse fourteen line legend, Ter Memorie der Vrede, etc., 60mm (M.I. 416/53; v.L. II, 371, pl.4). Rims lightly bruised, otherwise better than very fine, pleasantly toned, rare (£120-180)

Following the hostilities with Holland, peace was concluded at Westminster on 15 April 1654, and formally ratified on 27 May. The obverse alludes to England and Holland ‘dividing’ the dominion of the sea in the future.