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№ 185


31 May 1995

Hammer Price:

France, 1914. France (WWI). Mobilization, uniface cast Æ Medal by Pierre Roche, 148mm, Harvester changing his scythe for a sword to protect himself against the attack of the Germanic Eagle (P.R [Canale 1918] p.8, No 6). Very rare, extremely fine (£170-200)

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Fernand Massignon, dit Pierre Roche (1855-1922) pupil of Dalou and Rodin. Mainly a sculptor, he cofounded the Societe Nationale des Beaux-Arts. Very concerned by WWI, Pierre Roche is the only French artist who dared to undertake the realisation of a very important series of cast medals which were issued by Canale at the end of the war. See Catalogue de Guerre, Pierre Roche (Canale, 1918) and P.K(Bronzes du XIXe), p. 573. See BDM V, 144 and VIII, 168 and the interesting article "Reflexions sur la Médaille de Guerre Contemporaine", Arethuse fasc 1 (Oct. 1923), p.28: "The inspiration of Pierre Roche is diverse, flowing and as capricious as a flame" (p.38).