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№ 132


31 May 1995

Hammer Price:

Egypt, 1897. Egypt. Abbas-Hilmi II, Khedive, First Stone of the Museum of Antiquities in Cairo, AR medal by S.E. Vernier, 70mm (Gazette Numismatique [1901], F. Mazerolle, No 41 [exhibited Salon 1897]). Original case, rare, extremely fine (£90-120)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, A Collection of Art Medals.

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A plaque exists also for J.J.M. de Morgan, Director of the Egyptian Antiquities; see PBE 937. Seraphin-Emile Vernier (1852-1927) was sent to Cairo by the French Government to study the Egyptian goldsmiths' and jewellers' art, in 1896-1897.