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19 April 1995

Hammer Price:

A good Second World War Flying C.G.M. group of five awarded to Sergeant George Wilfred Simpson, Royal Air Force, No. 463 Squadron (R.A.A.F.)
Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying), G.V1.R. (1594208 Sgt. G. W. Simpson, R.A.F.); 1939-45 Star; France and Germany Star; Defence and War Medals, extremely fine and rare (5)

London Gazette 3 August, 1945. D.S.O. - Act.F/O A. Cox, R.A.F.V.R.; F/O J. A. Wainwright, R.A.F.V.R.; C.G.M. - 1594208 Sgt. G. W. Simpson, R.A.F.V.R.
“On the night of April 25/26, 1945, the above officers and Sgt. Simpson were pilot, navigator and flight engineer of a Lancaster bomber (JO-2), detailed to attack the heavily defended oil refinery target at Tonsberg, near Oslo, Norway.
When nearing the target the aircraft was attacked and severely damaged by an enemy fighter. F/O Cox and Sgt. Simpson sustained injuries but nevertheless remained at their posts. The nose of the aircraft was shattered and gaping holes were torn in the fuselage. The windows of the pilot’s compartment were blown out and much equipment was lost. The bomb sight was rendered useless and the bomb-aimer badly wounded. It was therefore impossible to bomb the target with any accuracy.
The aircraft began to lose height and it seemed as though it would have to be abandoned, however, F/O Cox succeeded in regaining control. He then skillfully manoeuvred the aircraft enabling the gunners to attack the enemy aircraft which was shot down in flames. Meanwhile, despite suffering intense pain from their injuries and from severe frostbite caused to their hands by the bitter winds blowing through the open nose of the aircraft, F/O Wainwright and Sgt. Simpson did everything possible to assist their pilot in his endeavour to fly the crippled aircraft to a friendly airfield. After much difficulty they eventually reached Satenas airfield (near Linkoping) in Sweden where a skillful landing was made. The coolness, courage and devotion to duty of these officers and airman were an inspiration to their squadron.”
The raid on the oil refinery and tankerage at Vallo (Tonsberg) was 463 Squadron’s last operational mission of the War. Of the fourteen Lancasters despatched, thirteen aircraft successfully bombed the primary target, with just Lancaster JO-2 failing to return.
The lot is sold with three photographs and a copy of ‘Flight’, dated 6 September, 1945, announcing these awards. A total of 103 C.G.M. (Flying) awards have been made.