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19 April 1995

Hammer Price:

An interesting group of four to Frederick Humphreys, Royal Navy, Royal Naval Air Service and City of London Police, winner of one Silver and two Gold Olympic Medals
Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, 1 clasp, Defence of Ladysmith (165588 A.B., H.M.S. Powerful) impressed naming; British War Medal (F.5484, P.O.M. R.N.A.S.); Coronation 1902, City of London Police issue (P.C.); Coronation 1911, City of London Police issue (P.C.) mounted as worn, good very fine (4)

Sold with Great Britain blazer badge from the Olympic Games 1908, and the Union Jack badge from his competitors shirt.
Frederick Harkness Humphreys served in the Royal Navy for 8 Years 4 months, from 17th February, 1892 to 8th June, 1900. He served in South Africa and was part of the Naval Brigade at the Defence of Ladysmith. He joined the City of London Police Force on 21st June, 1900 as Police Constable 270’C’, Warrant No. 7116, and was stationed at Bishopsgate Police Station, E.C.2. He was released from the Force on 3rd June, 1915, to join the Royal Naval Air Service where he served as a Chief Mechanic. He rejoined the Force on 13th February, 1919 and retired on pension on 22nd June, 1925.
Frederick Humphreys was a member of the Great Britain Tug-of-War Team and competed in no less than three Olympic Games. He won a Gold Medal in the Olympic Games of 1908 held in London, a Silver Medal in the Olympic Games of 1912 held in Stockholm, and a second Gold Medal in the Olympic Games of 1920 held in Antwerp.