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№ 292


19 April 1995

Hammer Price:

Royal Humane Society, small silver medal (Unsuccessful), (David Neilson, S.S. “Lalpoora” 26th November 1886) fitted with silver ribbon buckle and contained in its Warrington case of issue, good very fine and scarce

‘About 9.30 p.m. on 26 November, 1886, the S.S. Lalpoora was lying in the Downs; the night was dark and intensely cold. The officer of the watch heard a splash and discovered that a man had fallen overboard.The alarm was given, a life buoy was thrown over, and a boat’s crew was piped away.
Mr Neilson, the 4th Officer, at once jumped overboard, swam after the drowning Lascar and succeeded in placing him in the life buoy. The man appeared to be insensible and numb with cold; he was unable to hold the buoy and slipped out of it. The Officer again seized hold of him, but was at last obliged to relinquish his endeavours to save him.
Mr Neilson picked up the boat three-quarters of a mile from the ship. The night was foggy and dark, The Lascar was never seen again.’