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№ 171


21 March 1995

Hammer Price:

Æthelred II (978-1016), Æthelred II, Last Small Cross type, First Issue, Godwine, Cissbury, godpine in sidmes, 1.03 gms (BMC i; N. 777; S. 1154). With chip to rim and hairline crack (2 o’clock) showing some daylight, but otherwise very fine, with old collectors number (16) in Indian ink on the reverse, extremely rare, possibly the only example of this type and moneyer for the mint known outside Scandinavia (£800-1,200)

Three other examples of this type and moneyer are recorded, all in Scandinavia (SCBI Copenhagen 1103, and Hildebrand 3406, 3409). Six specimens of the type of the only other moneyer Ceolnoth are known (Lockett 2764, Norweb 1222 [ex Elmore Jones], and “Sussex Mints” 59 [ex King] and three others in Scandinavian museums). See BNJ 28 (1955-57) pp. 277-282 for the attribution of this mint to Cissbury (Sussex)