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№ 48


21 March 1995

Hammer Price:

Æthelstan I (c.825-840), kings of east anglia, Æthelstan I, edelstani, in centre A dividing two pellets, reverse monn moneta around cross pattée, 1.38 gms (Pagan, BNJ [1982], p.60, item III, this coin; SCBI Norweb 108, this coin; BMC 12; N. 440; S. 950). Good very fine, very rare, the combination of moneyer and type excessively rare, only one other thought to be in private hands (£800-1,000)

Ex. Ryan (lot 652), and Norweb (part 1, lot 31) collections. Four examples of this type and moneyer are listed by Pagan, only one other of which (Dr Bird, lot 58) is in private hands