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8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

A Second World War B.E.M. group of seven awarded to Staff Sergeant William Smith, Royal Army Service Corps

BRITISH EMPIRE MEDAL, for Meritorious Service, G.VI.R. (S/72962 S/Sgt., R.A.S.C.); 1939-45 STAR; AFRICA STAR, clasp, 8TH ARMY; ITALY STAR; DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS; EFFICIENCY MEDAL, Territorial, G.VI.R., 2nd type (S.Sjt., B.E.M., R.A.S.C.) sold with original discharge certificate and forwarding slip for B.E.M., very fine (7)

B.E.M., London Gazette, 28 June, 1945, WS/Staff Sergeant William Smith, 656 Coy. R.A.S.C. 'This NCO during the period May to August 1944 was S/Sgt. Clerk in the Company Platoon of this Company. In this capacity he was in charge of all accounts and rations due to the whole of 1 British Armoured Division as it arrived in this theatre, and in July he was NCO in charge Comp. P1. when this platoon was operating a DID to support French troops prior to and during embarkation for invasion of the South of France. This latter commitment necessitated handling and accounting for types of rations never dealt with by British troops, but the unflagging efforts of S/Sgt. Smith both to obtain information regarding issues and subsequently to assure correct issues were made to 45,000 troops are worthy of the most deserving praise. During the whole period, S/Sgt. Smith with the assistance of 1 Sergeant, 1 Corporal and 1 Private, has regularly been responsible for the issue of approximately 10,000 rations per day, to 28 units and in July was responsible for the issue of 45,000 French type rations daily. During September and October, 1944 he was NCO in charge RM det Ortono and controlled receipt and issue of stores to forward troops. In spite of this small staff he has completely been in control of the situation and performed his duties to the complete satisfaction of all concerned.'