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8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

A good Dunkirk D.S.M. awarded to Stoker Petty Officer J.W. Carr, H.M.S. Jaguar

DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL, G.VI.R. (K.63042, A/S.P.O., H.M.S. Jaguar) slight traces of brooch marks to reverse and suspension re-fixed, otherwise about very fine

D.S.M., London Gazette, 16 August, 1940.

At Dunkirk on 29 May the destroyer Jaguar lay off Bray beach for sixteen hours while her boats' crews, foodless, wet through and incessantly bombed, brought off parties of men to her till she was fully loaded. H.M.S. Jaguar left late in the evening having picked up some 800 men. She was ordered to provide escort for a heavily loaded personnel ship, and while engaged in this work she was attacked in succession by fourteen dive-bombers. She escaped the main dangers, but a near miss caused serious damage, and she was compelled to call for assistance. H.M.S. Express and H.M. Skoot Rika closed her and managed, despite the threat of further attacks, to take off her troops. Working magnificently, her engine-room staff repaired the disrupted connections and damaged gear, and managed to raise steam again. Under her own power Jaguar made good most of the passage back across the Channel, but in the small hours, making water rapidly, she was compelled to call for help, and the tug Simla went out from Dover to her and, getting a line aboard, towed her in to safety. One D.S.C., three D.S.M's and twelve M.I.D.'s were won by H.M.S. Jaguar at Dunkirk.