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8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

SOUTH ATLANTIC 1982, with rosette (Lt. A.J.R. Smith, R.N., H.M.S. Junella) together with Submariners badge, good very fine and scarce (2)

Lieutenant (SL) Andrew John Raymond Smith was qualified in Submarine Duties. Sub. Lt., 1979; Lt. (SL), 1981; retired 1986. H.M.S. Junella was one of four (Junella, Cardella, Farnella, Northella) deep water stern trawlers, requisitioned from J. Marr & Sons, Scotland, for conversion to Minesweepers, and along with 'Pict', another requisitioned stern trawler, they swept and cleared 2 minefields in Port Stanley after the surrender. Their main function during the war was the transportation of troops between vessels of the task force prior to landings. On 27 May this small squadron was used to transfer 5 Brigade troops from QE2 to Canberra, whilst anchored off Grytviken. Their hasty conversion and the use of R.N. crews unaccustomed to minesweeping duties (a task normally allocated to the R.N.R.) resulted in their role, prior to the cease fire, being limited to the 'cross decking' of stores and troops whilst at sea or at anchor.