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8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

EGYPT 1882-89, no clasp, dated reverse (Mr. E.T. Rogers (Bey)) nearly extremely fine and rare

Mr. Edward Thomas Rogers, known in Cairo as Rogers Bey, was a distinguished Oriental scholar, and his knowledge of the Arabic language and literature, acquired during his long residence in Syria as British Consul at Damascus and Consul-General, afforded him peculiar facilities for prosecuting his favourite studies. He had, indeed, lived in that country from 1848, when he was attached to the Consulate at Jerusalem. He was employed on several missions of special inquiry in Hebron, Nablous, and other parts of Palestine. Was attached to Lord (now Earl of) Dufferin's Special Mission in Syria, 3 November 1860, the cause of which was 'a shocking massacre of Christians at Damascus and consequent intervention of the Powers. The news of the massacre reached England in July 1860. The American Consul was wounded and the Dutch Consul killed. No fewer , than five thousand five hundred (Maronite) Christians were assassinated by the Druses, not including those killed in the actual conflict. The International Commission, on which Dufferin served, put an end to the blood feuds and religious intolerance which existed between the tribes of the Lebanon, by devising a new and highly successful method of Government, and as a result the Lebanon became the 'most peaceful, the most contented, and the most prosperous province of the Ottoman dominion.' In 1868 he was transferred to Cairo and held a Foreign Office appointment there until 1875, when he retired from the Consular service. The office of agent of the Egyptian Government in London was held by Mr. Rogers for a short period after the abolition of Consulship in Cairo, and he subsequently entered the service of the Egyptian Government in the Educational Department. Rogers Bey died in June 1884, having served in the Intelligence Department, under Sir Frederick Goldsmith, during the Egyptian campaign of 1882, and was buried in the English Cemetery at Cairo.