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№ 108


8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

Pair: Sergeant Robert Fisher, 14th Foot

WATERLOO 1815 (Serj., 3rd Batt. 14th Reg. Foot) fitted with contemporary silver clip and bar suspender; ARMY OF INDIA 1799-1826, 1 clasp, Bhurtpoor (14th Foot) short hyphen reverse, officially impressed naming, thefirst nearly very fine, the second good very fine (2)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, An Important Collection of Waterloo Medals.

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Robert Fisher served as a Sergeant in Captain Wilson's company at Waterloo, and as a Private at the storming of Bhurtpoor, where the front rank of the 14th Foot consisted of Waterloo veterans each of whom wore his Waterloo medal.