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8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

A Normandy M.M. group of five awarded to Lance-Sergeant E. Darnborough, Royal Warwickshire Regiment

MILITARY MEDAL, G.VI.R. (5124119 L. Sjt., R. War. R.); 1939-45 STAR; FRANCE AND GERMANY STAR; DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS, very fine (5)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, Medals from the Collection of the late Mike Minton.

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M.M., London Gazette, 21 December, 1944. 'During the attack on 18 July 1944, L.Sgt. Darnborough was acting P1. Sgt. of his Platoon. In the initial stages of the advance there were casualties from small arms fire and from a Tiger Tank firing at close range from a flank. This caused a tendency towards disorganisation. This NCO, who appeared completely regardless of all danger to himself, by his cool, cheerful and unflagging efforts, rallied his men and was tireless in the dash and courage he displayed in leading clearing parties. This example of devotion to duty under fire was marked by all with whom he came in contact and his qualities of leadership and aggressiveness were outstanding. Awarded for the fighting around the Bocage, near Caen.