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8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

SOUTH AFRICA 1834-53 (Capt. E. Staunton, 6th Regt.) minor edge bruises, otherwise good very fine

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, Medals from the Collection of the late Mike Minton.

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Ex Elson 1963.

Edward Staunton served as a volunteer with the Royal African Corps upwards of four years before he was appointed to an Ensigncy on 17 May 1831. Whilst the Regiment was at Disa, India, the new Royal Colours were presented on 16 December 1833 by the wife of Colonel Salter, the Brigadier, being received by Major Everest, who was at the time in command of the Regiment and delivered to Ensigns Mansergh and Staunton. In 1837 he accompanied the detachment of the 6th Foot with the Bombay Field Force employed against the insurgents in Canara, India. During April 1837, a detachment under Major Everest was sent to Mangalore, where there had been some disturbances; they were away little over a month and the incident is only noteworthy as one of the rare occasions on which the Regiment during its first visit to India had anything to relieve the monotony of routine. Served also on the Eastern frontier of the Cape of Good Hope from the end of 1846 until the termination of the Kaffir war in 1847. Was Commandant of East London, British Kaffraria, during the Kaffir War of 1851-1853 (medal).