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№ 629


8 December 1994

Hammer Price:

Austria, Inauguration of the Maria Theresa Monument, 1888, a bronze medal by A. Scharff, 64mm (BDM V, 366; cf. SNC Nov. 1994, 7639), very fine; Canada, Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 1898, the Randolph Bruce medal, in iron, un-named, 64mm, some knocks, very fine; together with England, The Chinese Junk Keying, 1848, white metal medal, 45mm, extremely fine, pierced, with contemporary blue ribbon for suspension; Visit of the Fleet to Sunderland, 1874, brass medalet, 31mm, pierced, very fine; other British medals in copper (1), white metal (4, one boxed), all extremely fine (9)