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27 September 1994

Hammer Price:

A Great War A.F.M. group of three awarded to Sergeant Mechanic John Burrell, Royal Air Force

AIR FORCE MEDAL, G.V.R. (201271 Sergt. Mech., R.A.F.); BRITISH WARAND VICTORY MEDALS (Sgt., R.A.F.) good very fine (3)

A.F.M., London Gazette, 3 June 1919.

Details supplied by the recipient's son state that the A.F.M. was awarded for services as 2nd Engineer aboard an Italian airship stationed in Italy. Their duties were to train and instruct the Italian Air Force in operating airships and whilst on a training flight Burrell wrested control of an airship from the Italian commander when the airship was in danger of crashing. John Burrell was a native of Lornthorn-Howden, in Yorkshire, and enlisted into the Royal Naval Air Service with number 1271. Only 102 awards of the A.F.M. were made in the period 1918-19.