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4 December 1991

Hammer Price:

A group of five to Major A. W. Colley, Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, who was severely wounded in the desperate affair at Blesboklaagte in 1902 and taken prisoner at Hooge in 1914 before joining the Royal Flying Corps

QUEEN'S SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902, 5 clasps, Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 (Lieut., L. N. Lanc. Regt.); AFRICA GENERAL SERVICE 1902-56, 1 clasp, S. Nigeria 1905-06 (Lieut., S.N. Regt.); 1914 STAR (Capt., L.N. Lan. R.); BRITISH WAR and VICTORY MEDALS, M.I.D. (Major), mounted court style for display, very fine or better (5)

This lot was sold as part of a special collection, The AA Upfill-Brown Collection.

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Major Arthur Wilson Colley served in the Boer War with the Mounted Infantry from December, 1901, to May, 1902. He was severely wounded at Blesboklaagte, 12 February, 1902, when a patrol under Major Dowell was caught by a longe force under De Wet. Their horses having stampeded they were compelled to make a stand on the open veldt. Drawing together in a group they defended themselves with great bravery, the men refusing to surrender until nearly every man was killed or wounded. The Boers closed in on them firing point blank at 30 yards. After an engagement lasting nearly an hour the Boers finally disappeared but not before removing the clothing from the killed, wounded and the prisoners. Of the 3 Companies engaged, one officer was killed and seven, including Colley were wounded. Amongst the N.C.O. 's and men, 13 were killed and 60 wounded. Lieutenant Colley was employed with the West African Frontier Force and saw service in Southern Nigeria, 1904 to 1906. He took part in the operations of the Essa Patrol, the operations against the town of Ikoro-Okotobo in the Eket country, and in the Bende-Onitsha Hinterland expedition. Captain Colley accompanied the 1st Loyals to France on 13 August, 1914, and was taken prisoner during the Hooge-Gheluveldt fighting, 29-31 October, 1914. He was repatriared, via Switzerland, on 14 September, 1917, having been mentioned in despatches, London Gazette, 1 January, 1916. From November, 1917, Major Colley served with the Royal Flying Corps, and with the Royal Air Force from April, 1918 until November, 1919, with the rank of Squadron Leader.