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27 September 1994

Hammer Price:

INDIA GENERAL SERVICE 1895-1902, 1 clasp, Defence of Chitral 1895 (907 Sepoy Mool Singh, 4th Kashmir Infy. I.S.T.) minor edge bruise andpossible official correction to the last part of unit, otherwise nearly extremely fine and rare

907 Sepoy Mool Singh, 4th (Raghunath) Regiment of Kashmir Light Infantry, Imperial Service Troops, was killed in action at Chitral on 17 April 1895. On this day occurred an episode that particularly stands out amongst the numerous gallant actions fought by the men during the siege. The Chitralis were discovered constructing a mine by which means they were perilously close to breaching the fort with explosives, which event would have been disastrous for those inside the fort itself. Consequently a 'forlorn hope' was organised under Lieutenant Hurley with 40 men of the 14th Sikhs and 60 men of the Kashmir Infantry, with the object of destroying the mine. The party was let out of the Garden Gate of the fort just opposite the 'Summer House' at 4 p.m.

30 Pathans in the house were taken completely by surprise and after firing a few random shots they bolted down the garden wall. Two men of the Raghunath were killed in this initial attack. Work on the demolition of the mine was then started immediately while some of the Raghunaths and the Sikhs engaged the Pathans who had not withdrawn any farther than the end of the garden and were from there keeping up a continuously heavy fire on the 'Summer House'. The mine shaft was found outside the house behind the garden wall and 35 Chitralis were bayonetted in the mouth of the mine just as they rushed out in panic. Lieutenant Hurley succeeded in placing the charges and soon after 5 p.m. the mine was blown up and the fort saved in the nick of time. A total of 8 men were killed and 13 wounded in this short and daring action of which the share of the Kashmir Infantry was 5 killed, including Mool Singh, and 8 wounded.