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№ 189


27 September 1994

Hammer Price:

CRIMEA 1854-55,2 clasps, Alma, Inkermann (Johnathan Evans, 41st Regt.) officially impressed naming, several edge bruises, otherwise very fine

Johnathan Evans was killed in action at the battle of Inkermann on 5 November 1854, where his regiment suffered approximately 140 casualties, killed or wounded. Evans was almost six feet tall, which for a soldier of his day was exceptional, and perhaps this singled him out for attention from his fellows. Throughout his period of service he was constantly in and out of Military Prison, his pay docked and his privileges forfeited; on one occasion he received six months imprisonment, fifty lashes and had his pay almost permanently halved. He landed in the Crimea, fought at Alma and was finally killed at the battle of Inkermann. Often referred to as the 'Soldiers Battle' it was fought in such a heavy fog as to make it almost impossible to recognise friend from foe; there were no set-piece tactical formations, just bloody hand to hand combat with bayonet, rifle-butt, stones and fists. Sold with a more detailed account of Evans's services compiled by Peter Gaston.